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  • Analog & digital mixing consoles

  • Audiovisual: cameras, recorders, switchers, video walls, and screens--complete packages available, 2-16 cameras

  • Backdrops, drapes, and scrims

  • Balanced split snakes

  • Band backline equipment

  • Decor

  • Digital effects

  • Digital recording gear, PC or Mac

  • Direct DI boxes

  • Ear monitors, wireless in-ear

  • Electric generators

  • Electronic crossovers

  • Equalizers

  • Lighting & lighting consoles

  • Loudspeakers

  • Microphones and stands

  • Mirror balls

  • Monitor consoles

  • Monitors for audio

  • Multi-track recording equipment

  • Noise gates packages

  • Outdoor spotlights

  • Pipe and drape

  • Podiums, clear and other

  • Powered amplifiers

  • Props
  • Radios and other onsite/on- tour  communications equipment

  • Rehearsal and recording studios

  • Road cases

  • Scenic elements 

  • Self-powered mixers

  • Self-powered monitors

  • Special effects

  • Studio reference monitors

    . . . and more

    Email Us to discuss your requirements.

Contact us for all your production rental equipment. If we don't have it, we can work with our extensive source list to find it. 


Based on our decades of industry experience, we offer  a full range of consultation and 

planning services. 

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