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Hailing from the very birthplace of The Tragically Hip, the venerable Canadian rock group to which they pay homage, Road Apples formed in Kingston, Ontario in December of 1992.  The group quickly established itself as the best, busiest, and most sought-after Hip tribute band.


Momentum built during the first half of 1993, helped to catapult Road Apples to national status and success.  


From June 1993 through August 1998, the band toured Canada full time.  From Newfoundland to Vancouver Island and from northern Alberta to upstate New York, the band logged thousands of miles. Performing nearly one thousand shows, they left no doubt that Road Apples had earned its second-to-none reputation.






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Canada's Premiere "HIP" Tribute Band

After 5 years of virtually living on the road, to create time for other pursuits, band members chose to scale down tour schedules beginning in the fall of 1998.  The band has become more selective in setting performance schedules. 


Following Road Apples’ mid-'90s success. new Hip tribute bands proliferated. One element, however, distinguishes Road Apples from others. They have more experience. 


With their history of concerts numbering in the thousands, the members of Road Apples have honed their craft to a level unmatched by any other Hip tribute band.


If your event calls for Canada's most professional and celebrated tribute show to The Tragically Hip, contact us for more information about Road Apples.


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